Bailando is a song by Enrique Iglesias Ft. Sean Paul and it's on Lose Yourself to Dance.


  • Blonde hair.
  • Black sunglasses.
  • A lot of muscles
  • Red and White swimsuit

Glove color: Red


An island with a coconut tree and a White and Blue surfboard

Altrenate - Flamenco Dance


All the 3 dancers are Flamenco dancers with black hair, a red flower in thier hair, a red dress and a red fan.


Streets of Santo Domingo.

Gold moves


All: Do a "wave" and walk to the right-foward side.


All: Do with your hands "come to me"


  • In the start of the dance, there's a big wave that brings the dancer to the island. At the end, there's a big wave from the opposite side that bringing the dancer back.
  • This song will have a battle with We Make It Bounce by Dillion Francis (Have theme: Yes. Theme: Cray Cray)
  • This is the first song that the dancer have a Tan skin. The second is Loyal
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