Chain Reaction is a song by Journey.  It will be on Just Dance: Serious but Fun.


Chain Reaction
  • The dancer is basically a life-size Barbie doll from the 80's.
  • She has puffy blonde hair like in the music video.
  • Sky blue cocktail dress.
  • Silver heeled-sandals.
  • Light pink glove.


The background closely resembles the background from the music video.

Gold Moves

There are two Gold Moves. They're both the same.

All Gold Moves - Put your hands on your forehead in the shape of a diamond.


  • This is supposed to be the first Journey song in the series.
  • The words gun and casualty are censored. Most fans are confused over this.
  • The "long guitar solo thingy towards the end" was removed, thus making the song shorter.
  • The song is in a battle with "Because We Can." Click here for the battle.


Journey - Chain Reaction

Journey - Chain Reaction

Music Video

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