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Deadmau5 feat. Rob Swire - Ghosts N Stuff

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A similar image to what the song's avatar would look like.

"Ghosts N Stuff" is a song by Deadmau5 featuring Rob Swire that is on Just Dance Party.


The theme of this song is very similar to Rock 'n' Roll in Just Dance 4, with a different color scheme and a total different avatar. The avatar is male with a flat brimmed hat that changes from purple to red to blue throughout the dance. As well, he has pants that change color and a shirt that has the Deadmau5 head on it.


  • It was announced that the song's avatar would represent Deadmau5 on the announcement trailer, however, it later changed to an avatar with coloring changing clothing.
  • Ghosts N Stuff is also available on DLC, on Just Dance Party 2.
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