Give Me All Your Luvin' is a song by Madonna featuring Nicki Minaj and M.I.A. that is on Just Dance Party.


The 1st dancer has a long-sleeved farmer-style cut-off top with black tights and cowboy boots. The 1st dancer also has a tied up red ponytail. The 2nd dancer has a farmer-style short long-sleeved dress and has cowboy-styled heels. The 2nd dancer has blonde hair with black streaks. The 3rd and 4th dancer have long party dresses (red P3 yellow P4) with a loose belt on the 4th dancer. The 3rd dancer has 80's styled hair greenhair while the 4th dancer has black short styled hair.


  • The first 2 dancers are based off of farming while the last to are based off of partying.