"Hard Times" by Paramore is a fanmade routine that is featured in Jay's channel.

Appearance of the Dancer

The dancer is a man with a black hat on his head. He wears a light powder blue shirt with a black open jacket and denim jeans. There are glowing hot pink wraps on his left arm, left lower thigh and right leg. He is also barefooted. He has a blue outline.


The routine starts with a background with line grids and the song title in it. The song title is made with various art styles and resembles of a collage of them. While the song starts, parts of the background is tear up in a rectangular shape, which reveals different background styles, such as a dark bluish violet background with numerous geometric shapes in different colors, a black background with "80s" in yellow and white colors, another background with lines grids but with random triangles and lines with different colors and textures and a very dark blue background with scribbles of different colors.

During the verses, circular lines appear in the dancer, which have either of the backgrounds from the beginning shown in it. In the first verse, a rip is seen that shows a white background with zigzag lines and other geometric shapes while random shapes appear in the front background. In the second verse, instead, shows two rips that feature identical backgrounds with similar elements, such as pulsing line shapes, circles and zigzags line. The only difference is that the upper is reddish brown and the elements are black and white while the lower is greenish cyan with white and yellow colors and black shadows. When the lyrics "You hit me with lightning!" is sung, lightning strikes behind the dancer briefly.

During the chorus, the background a white landscape with blue grid lines on the floor. Above in the sky are shapes such as circles, zigzag lines and triangles twitch in the background, while random shapes of circles and triangles appear in the foreground.

During the bridge, the background is in a starry space while cartoon objects such as planetary systems, ringed planets, planets, galaxies and UFOs zooming in.

In the outro, a rip in the center appears in white while the background undergo a section featuring various different backgrounds, inclulding the ones used in the intro. When the routine ends, the title is seen in a black background, with the coach darkened as well.

Gold Moves

There are 4 Gold Moves in this routine:

Gold Move 1 and 3: Cross your hands forward, with your right hand below your left hand.
Gold Move 2: "Milk the giant cow", put your hands up and slightly twitch a little.
Gold Move 4: Throw your hand to your hand while lifting your left leg as you turn around.



  • Hard Times is the first routine by Jay to have a male coach.
  • Hard Times is the first routine performed by Justin for Jay.


  • The routine originally has a different gold move, as seen a teaser for the song.
  • There is a small glitch on the coach's face as there woud be a small hot pink patch appearing sometimes.
  • There is an error in the pictogram for Gold Move 1 and 3, which depicts the right hand over the left when it should be below.
  • In a teaser, an earlier version of the routine can be seen, where it features a Gold Move that is not part of the final version and a white background for the chorus.


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