Just Dance Outnumbered is a game released on November 25, 2016. The game features a variety of songs for children to adults. There is a total of 40 songs.


Classic mode is still... DUH! Duets, Trios & Dance Crews are returning. There is a new 5 player mode exclusive for mobile versions. Medley is returning with 5 song changes as normal. Just create, karaoke, & non-stop shuffle are returning. Another feature is added: the lyrics are green for when a male is singing and purple for when a female is singing. the lyrics are brown for when a male & female are singing together. Also, in Trios, you can now select the backup dancers & the lead dancer to dance with on-screen.

Track ListEdit


  • The menu is inspired by Just Dance 2017.
  • The gold move effect is inspired by Just Dance 2017.