Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F) is a song by Katy Perry that is in Just Dance Party and Just Dance Summer Party 2014 and Just Dance Party 2015 . The cost for this song on DLC for Just Dance Party is 200 Wii Points or $2.00 on other consoles.

Last Friday Night look


The dancer is inspired by Katy Perry in the video. She has a big brown afro with pink long-sleeved cut-top and has a green skirt. She also has purple heeled-sandals.

Alternate Version

The Alternate Version is a DLC for Just Dance Party 2015. The dancer wears pink stockings a green skirt, puffy hair, a pink Short T-Shirt and a gold glove.


  • Her hair is originally pony-tailed but she takes the pony out at the beginning.
  • "Damn","screwed" and "menage a trois" are censored. "Streaking" and "skinny dipping" are also censored due to nudity to public people.
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