"Lips Are Movin'" by Meghan Trainor has a Mashup by Jay, which is featured in his channel.

Appearance of the Dancer

The dancers are all coaches from official Just Dance routines.


[GM#] - indicates a Gold Move. The # refers to the Gold Move’s number.


The background is mainly of pastel colors, which randomly changes to the music depending in the part of the song. Colors that are used in the background includes green, yellow and red. The background also features numerous colored lips as well as plenty of dots forming circles and swirling effects in the background.

Gold Moves

There are 4 Gold Moves in this Mashup:

Gold Move 1: Put your arms out and shake your hips. (Girls Just Want to Have Fun)
Gold Move 2: Quickly throw your arms out. (Jai Ho! (You Are My Destiny))
Gold Moves 3 and 4: Shake both of your arms while slightly leaning forward. (Call Me)


  • Lips Are Movin' is the first song by Meghan Trainor to be featured in Jay's channel.


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