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Left to right: Twinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po

"Teletubbies Say Eh-Oh" is a children's song that is available on DLC for Just Dance Party. However, to purchase this song, you must have a Just Dance Kids game file on your console. The price for this song is only $0.99 on all consoles, except for Wii (120 Wii Points).


The theme for this song is based on the Teletubbies TV show, with the 4 Teletubbies popping out of their Tubbytronic Superdome from the start. The background of the dance changes from going outside to the windmill, by the the meadow and going inside by the controls, by the "Tubby Custard" machine, or by the slide. The song then goes through a variety of events of the show, such as Tubby Custard, Marching, Baa-Baa Black Sheep, and many more. The setting of the song changes throughout the song as well, changing from morning to night.


This song is a "Dance Crew" dance. All 4 avatars portray the Teletubbies from the show. The 1st avatar represents "Twinky Winky", a purple Teletubby that is the tallest and has a triangle shaped antenna on his head. Twinky Winky carries around his favourite red bag during the song. The 2nd avatar protrays "Dipsy", a green Teletubby that has a dipstick antenna and occasionally wears his favourite black and white. The 3rd avatar protrays "Laa-Laa", a yellow Teletubby that has a curly antenna and becomes the most enthusiastic when dancing. Laa-Laa carries around her favourite orange ball during the song. And finally, the 4th avatar protrays as "Po", a red Teletubby who stands the smallest out of the four and has a bubble blower antenna. She rides her favourite scooter during the song.

Also, the 4 Teletubbies have a TV on their stomachs that turn on when the windmill begins to spin rapidly.

Moves, Difficulty and EffortEdit

The difficulty is averaged at Easy. However, the difficulty is different between the avatars. Twinky Winky, Dispy, and Po are rated as Easy and Laa-Laa is rated as Medium. Most of the moves of song are fairly easy while others are near medium or actually near hard. There are some small moves that are counted for big points and some moves by Po are not counted. There is a total of 4 gold moves, (5 if you are Po). The first gold moves are when the Teletubbies do a certain movement (skipping, jumping, waving arms, etc.), in order from left to right.