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  • I live in in a dimension, far far away
  • My occupation is to wander in the Internet a lot
  • I am not possessing a concrete appearance, just anything you could think

Welcome to my homepage, dear user! I'm your admin for this wiki!

You can find me in the other wikis, if I am not here

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Here is a group of pages that are not yet complete.


  • Solo and Good Time by JAMAA
  • Move Your Body and Promises by T.Dancer
  • Fergalicious, thank u, next and Savior by Lautino
  • Kiss And Make Up and Everyday by Danefano
  • Solo, Naturaly and Catallena by JUST MAX
  • Poker Face and Cry Baby by Jay
  • Just Got Paid, Wolves, Kill This Love, DNA, Somewhere to Run, Shape Of You, Run Away With Me, No Promises, Shelter, Friends and Issues by Redoo.

Thanks for JayJaytheJDFan for providing this!(^_^) Lautino youtube banner

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