We Got It Going On
Some attributes
First Song by Bon Jovi
Second released in 2007
Third Appears on Just Dance: Serious but Fun.
Other attributes
Fourth Pictogram colors are yellow for P1, hot pink for P2, purple for P3, and mint green for P4 (classic); sapphire blue (extreme).
Fifth Glove colors are blue for P1, yellow for P2, orange for P3, and pink for P4 (classic); pitch black (extreme).
Sixth Lyrics are highlighted in red (classic); purple (extreme).

We Got It Going On is a song by Bon Jovi. The song will be on Just Dance: Serious but Fun.



Like YMCA (Just Dance 2014), they are returning dancers, but with a few changes.


He was originally the fourth dancer in Dynamite. These are his changes:

  • His beret now has a blue rim.
  • His shirt is now plain yellow.
  • His bow tie is now gone.
  • The buttons on his vest are now silver.
  • His penny loafers are a darker red.
  • He retains the blue glove.


P2 was originally Mandy Davis, one of the contest winners from When I Grow Up. These are her changes:

  • Her hair is now caramel brown.
  • Her jacket is now sky blue.
  • Her hot pink dress now has sequins.
  • Her belt is amethyst purple and has a gold buckle.
  • Her shoes are now gold.
  • Her glove is now yellow.


He originally came from Take On Me. These are his changes:

  • His sleeves are now longer and have an extra stripe.
  • His sneakers are now orange w/ purple straps.
  • His pants now have a few rips.
  • His shirt is now metallic indigo (correct me if I'm wrong).
  • He still retains the orange scarf and glove.


She originally came from Firework. Here are her changes:

  • Her hair is now dark brown (almost black).
  • Her jumpsuit is now jade green with gold stars and pink boarders.
  • She does not have the pink sleeves anymore.
  • She now has a gold star on the bow in her hair.
  • Her glove is now pink.


The extreme dancer is female and wears the following:

  • Black hair shaved to the side (similar to Miss Understood on Just Dance 2014).
  • Sapphire blue leather jacket w/ sliver halter top underneath.
  • Her leggings are the same shade of blue as her jacket.
  • Bluey-gray heeled booties.
  • Black glove.



The background is the same from the Super Bass/Love You Like A Love Song battle mode on Just Dance 4. However, the "museum w/ speakers" is now a combo of yellow, pink, purple, and blue.


The usual extreme backdrop, duh!

Gold MovesEdit


There are two gold moves. They're both the same.

Both - Double-bang your fist towards the ceiling. (on "witness" and "miss this")


There are four gold moves in the extreme version. All of them are the same.

All - Point your palms to the side, while you legs are spread apart.