With These Two Hands
Some attributes
First Song by Bon Jovi
Second released in 2013
Third Appears on Just Dance: Serious but Fun as a DLC.
Other attributes
Fourth Pictogram color is red.
Fifth Glove color is turquoise.
Sixth Lyrics are highlighted in brown.

With These Two Hands is a song by Bon Jovi. The song is available for free downloadable content (free DLC) on Just Dance: Serious but Fun.


The dancer is male. This is what he wears:

  • Brown hair that resembles a cross between Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong and Maroon 5's Adam Levine.
  • Red T-shirt hand-shaped crystals on the right sleeve.
  • Black pants similar to Pump It from Just Dance 3.
  • Gold sneakers.
  • Turquoise glove.


Hand silhouettes with graffiti pictures in them.

Gold MovesEdit

There are two Gold Moves. Both of them are the same.

Both - Point your palms to the sky and bend your knees.


  • This is the third Bon Jovi song in the series.
    • However, it's not an actual single.
  • This is the first time that a Bon Jovi song is made available for DLC.
  • The word "ass" from I could kick your ass is censored, being too inappropriate.